Below you can view our adoption contract. Contact us for more info if needed.


Puppy Adoption Contract  
Mark Beach & Natalie Fryman
Burlington, KY 41005
(859)992-0566  (859)547-7591


Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Color:____________________ Sex:_________ Birth Date:___________________
AKC Registration Number:_______________________________
Sire:__________________________________ Dam:________________________________
Sold To Name:______________________________________________
Phone Number:_________________  Cell Number:_________________
Email Address:______________________________________________
Deposit Paid:__________ Date Paid:____________________
Balance:____________  Date Due:_____________________
Purchase Price: ___________ x KY Sales tax (.06) = __________________
All puppies must be paid in full before pick up.  Puppies will be held until agreed pick up date.  If not picked up as scheduled and no other arrangements have been made there will begin a $25.00 a day kennel fee.  Once the fee reaches the balance due the puppy remains property of Cu Faoil Kennels.
***There will be NO refunds given***
1.) All deposits paid are NON-Refundable.  All deposits will be taken off the full purchase price of the puppy.
2.) This puppy is purchased for Pet/Companion. Limited AKC registration. 
3.) AKC registration will be given with all puppies, Health/Shot record and a copy of the Adoption Contract. .
4.) Under no circumstances is this puppy to be given away to a Pet Store, LaboratoryResearch FacilityAnimal Shelter (rescue), or anyone without Cu Faoil Kennels written consent.  
5.) Upon pickup of puppy, Buyer has 48 hours to have puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian. Upon examination, any serious life shortening health problems must be reported to the breeder within 2 hours of examination. A signed statement from the veterinarian explaining the details of the problem must be provided to the breeder upon request.  Under no circumstances will breeder be responsible for buyers neglect.
6.) The Buyer is responsible for regular veterinary care, including the remainder of the initial series of vaccinations, rabies vaccinations and periodic worming.  
7.) It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ALWAYS provide adequate shelter, a soft bed, fresh water, high quality dog food and your love. Irish wolfhounds are sensitive and loving companion dogs.
8.) If a puppy is returned after the initial examination with a serious life shortening health problem, Cu Faoil Kennels will replace the puppy when a replacement puppy becomes available. 
9.) Seller will not be held responsible for any Veterinarian costs prior to the return of the puppy. 
10.) If at any time during the dog's life you are unable to provide a proper home, for any reason, the breeder is to be contacted and the puppy placed back under care of Cu faoil Kennels. 

First Year
Cu Faoil Kennels guarantees our puppies to be free from life threatening genetic health problems for a period of 1yr. If death occurs due to genetic health problems within the first year of purchase Cu Faoil Kennels will replace your loss with a puppy from a future litter. Replacement, when available will only be given provided the terms of this agreement were followed, there are no signs of neglect or malnourishment, yearly routine veterinarian care was met and all veterinarian recommended care was provided by the buyer and can be provided at breeders request and a signed certificate from TWO different veterinarians (not of the same practice, 1 of Buyers choice and 1 of Sellers choice) be presented showing an explanation of cause of death. 
11.) If puppy/dog is bred before the age of two years old all warrantees and guarantees are VOID.
12.) If buyer breaches this contract than all guarantees are VOID.
13.) Both parties recognize ____________ County,  ____________ as place where this agreement was entered into and acknowledges the courts of jurisdiction should any disputes arise from this agreement.
14.) Buyer is not obligated, but breeder would appreciate updates and pictures.
15.) There will be NO Cash Refunds given.  Please be sure of your commitment and decision prior to the purchase of one of our puppies. We are looking for FOREVER HOMES for them. 
Thank You
Thank you for adopting one of our puppies I hope they provide you with as much joy as they have us!
Buyer’s signature indicates full agreement of all above conditions. 

Signature of
Date ____________________

Signature of
Date ___________________