We can say that our puppy Lady Katie Shady McGrady, "Katie" for short, is a healthy, happy, well-adjusted pup who loves animals big and small, including cats! She bonds with children, and once an animal has gained her trust, a friendship is made forever.


Kathy and Matt Rumpke



I purchased my puppy in March of 2017. Natalie did an amazing job of answering all my questions and concerns. She provided the vet documents required, and more! I told her what I was looking for, and she more than exceeded my expectations. My puppy was taken to the vet with a clean bill of health. The whole process was very smooth and he is a happy growing boy! His temperament is sound, he has great structure, and he's very intelligent. Would definitely be purchasing another again in the future!



I always knew I wanted an Irish Wolfhound as I played with one as a child. When I decided to purchase my new friend I did a lot of research on breeders. I wanted a puppy from someone who loved Irish Wolfhounds and weren’t just breeding them to make a buck. I emailed and checked out multiple breeders. I even searched of the AKC and IWH sites. The one that stood out to me was Cu Faoil Kennels. Not only had I heard good things about them but by looking at the photo’s and information on the site, I knew I found someone who really cared about their dogs. I chose the puppy with the green collar as something about him drew me in. I did not have first pick so I was happy when I got my choice. Natalie was very helpful, considering I sent multiple emails. She was always available for any question I had. We picked up “Quillan” at the airport and he was smaller than our mini Poodle. Not for long thought. He is now 10 months old and is a great addition to our family. He has been to the Bey, who loves him, and is very healthy. Besides my wife, he is my best friend. I am truly grateful to Cu Faoil Kennels for bringing him to me.




We got Graycie from Mark and Natalie at the beginning of April, 2017.  I had always had a desire for an Irish Wolfhound at some point in my life.  I had dealt with an Irish Wolfhound while I was a student in veterinary college and I was really taken with the dogs personality.  It was still a bit of a challenge to decide if I was ready for one as a pet.  After meeting the parents, Nysa & Shaggy, and having a chance to see the puppies I knew it was a choice I was comfortable in making.  The personality and disposition of the dogs were wonderful.  Granted these are very large dogs, but our goal was to have a more laid back, easy going behavior in a pet. Graycie is friendly and outgoing with everyone she meets.  Her health has been excellent since acquiring her.  As a veterinarian I am very happy with her physical characteristics, and her behavior and personality is what I had hoped for.  She is still a puppy a heart and we are working on some of the common puppy behavior issues, but she is doing great with the help of a knowledgeable trainer in guiding us through these issues.  If an Irish Wolfhound is a breed you are considering, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Natalie and Mark and their dogs.




We got tuck from you in March of 2016. We live in Alabama and had a long drive home. He has been remarkable since the minute we put him in the car to head home. He traveled the entire way without an accident – he would whine when he wanted to go potty so we would pull over. We have 2 other dogs and he has formed a pack with them. He is exceptionally smart and house trained within the day. The vet says he is in remarkable health and is the epitome of what a wolfhound should be. He is about 28” tall at the shoulder and approximately 90 pounds. He has the best personality and everywhere we take him people just flock to him and he eats it up. Even when we are taking him outside at home people will dead stop and remark on how beautiful he is. We honestly could not have asked for a smarter, loving dog. Thank you so much for letting him come home with us!




I’ve researched dog breeds for countless hours.  And once I knew that the Irish Wolfhound was going to be the perfect side-kick for me, I spent countless MORE hours researching breeders.  Natalie’s company Cu Faoil, has far surpassed my expectations of not only the breed itself, but also the process of purchasing and acquiring my sweet puppy.  Just to reiterate thanks and admiration for the quality of puppy, I’ve bombarded poor Natalie with pictures and texts from the day that I first picked up my beautiful hound.

Natalie was so patient with all of my questions and follow ups.  Even now that my puppy is almost 5 months old, I’m still being provided with the same timely and genuine follow-up to any communications regarding my dog.

Cu Faoil has provided exactly what I was hoping for:  perfect customer service, reasonable price, and a dog that is so physically recognizable as an AKC Standard Wolfhound, that at only 3 months old, dog enthusiasts recognized her breed from several feet away, and… of course, the most important attributes of this rare giant:  unbelievable loyalty, extremely friendly, and intelligent enough to perform tricks on stage at only 3.5 months old when she was cast as “Willoughby” in our community theatre’s production of “Mary Poppins”. Quite simply this silly, beautiful and extraordinary hound is my joy and my best friend.

Now the only question that remains is “Will one be enough?!”  LOL