neala & aoife

about neala & aoife

Neala and Aoife are sisters! They were born May 27th 2017. Their mother is our very own Nysa and their father is the one and only grand champion Driller! Between Nysa very prestigious lines of champions, health, and longevity of the longest living wolfhound in her lines being 16 years old and Drillers famous champion and grand champion lines, Neala and Aoife have just about the best lines you could ask for! Their parents are both health tested and have proven longevity in they lines with driller average being over 10 years old and Nysas being the same. Neala is the Wheaton brindle weighing in currently at 165 at the age of 14 months! She is about 34 inches tall currently and is still growing! She competes in confirmation shows and so far is doing great! We have reason to believe she will be a big girl. At 12 months old she weighed 150 pounds passing all of our females weights. She is currently the biggest female weight wise and is slowly catching up to our adults height wise! We have no doubt she will be our biggest female all the way around! Neala has a very laid back personality not much of a leader. She LOVES snuggles and treats! Her favorite spot in the house is the end seat of the couch and she is not afraid to make you get out of her spot if you sit in it! Her best friend is her sister Aoife. They are attached at the hip. They do just about everything together! Aoife weighs about 130 currently and is about 33 inches to the top of her shoulder blades and counting! She also competes with her sister in confirmation shows and has done well usually following in Nealas shadow in that aspect! But Aoife LOVES to run. She is getting involved in lure coursing and we know she will do great as she chases anything that catches her eyes and moves fast enough! Let’s just say there is no bugs in our house thanks to her! She is the fastest one we have and never gets tired! Her and Nigel our 7 month old puppy play ALL day long! Aoife is more of a leader. Although she isn’t the leader of our pack she definitely shows strong leadership abilities and will more than likely take her moms spot in leading the pack one day. She is outgoing and adventurous with a very loving heart! Both Neala and Aoife balance each other out! They are our up and coming generation and we are very excited to introduce them to you!




Nigel made his way here all the way from Paris, France! We set out on a mission to have some of the best lines not only in the United States but in the world! He came from a breeder over there who is a confirmation judge and she has some of the best wolfhounds over there not only confirmation wise but as well as health and longevity! His parents are also health tested! Nigel is only 7 months old and is 33 inches tall and weighs 95 pounds. He is a bean pole right now but will fill out as he grows! He is going to be massive! With him being so young and already as big as he his! He has not competed in shows yet as it is a long process to get is paper work switch over. But it will be finished soon and we cannot wait to get him into some shows! Nigel is very sweet and super loving! All he wants is to be petted! His eyes are very kind. Although he can be rotten sometimes he definitely has a loving heart! Nigel is our up and coming stud and we cannot wait!